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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering (58)

Course NameTypeCoordinatorsInstituteAvailable
Foundation of Scientific ComputingVideoProf. Tapan K. SenguptaIIT KanpurCourse contents
Advanced Control System Design for Aerospace VehiclesVideoDr. Radhakant PadhiIISc BangaloreCourse contents  Downloads   Syllabus
Flight dynamics I - Airplane performanceWebProf. E.G. TulapurkaraIIT MadrasCourse contents  Downloads   Syllabus
Introduction to Aerospace PropulsionVideoProf. Bhaskar Roy
Prof. A M Pradeep
IIT BombayCourse contents  Downloads   Syllabus
Acoustic Instabilities in Aerospace PropulsionVideoProf. R.I. SujithIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Advanced Structual MechanicsWebDr. D. Roy MahapatraIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
Aero elasticityVideoProf. C. VenkatesanIIT KanpurSyllabus only
AerodynamicsWebDr. Sunetra SarkarIIT MadrasSyllabus only
AerodynamicsWebDr. N. BalakrishnanIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
AeroservoelasticityWebDr. Kartik VenkatramanIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
Aerospace PropulsionWebDr. P.A. RamakrishnaIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Aircraft Structural DynamicsVideoDr. Anup Ghosh
Dr. D.K. Maiti
IIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Aircraft Structural DynamicsWebDr. Anup Ghosh
Dr. D.K. Maiti
IIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Aircraft Structural Stability (Aircraft Structures II)VideoProf. C.S. Upadhyay
Dr. P.M. Mohite
Prof. D. Yadav
IIT KanpurSyllabus only
Aircraft Structures IVideoProf. C. Venkatesan
Prof. C.S. Upadhyay
Prof. D. Yadav
IIT KanpurSyllabus only
Airplane design (Aerodynamic)WebProf. E.G. TulapurkaraIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Basic Strength of Materials and Elasticity (or) Solid MechanicsWebDr. H.S.N. MurthyIIT MadrasSyllabus only
CombustionVideoProf. S.R. ChakravarthyIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Composite MaterialsWebProf. R. VelmuruganIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Composite Materials and StructuresWebDr. P.M. MohiteIIT KanpurSyllabus only
Composite StructuresWebDr. K.V. Nagendra GopalIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Elastic Wave Propagation in StructuresWebDr. D. Roy MahapatraIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
Experimental AerodynamicsVideoProf. Debopam DasIIT KanpurSyllabus only
Experimental Gas/AerodynamicsWebProf. Job KurianIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Flight Dynamics II (Stability)VideoDr. Nandan Kumar SinhaIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Flight dynamics II - Airplane stability and controlWebProf. E.G. TulapurkaraIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Fluid DynamicsVideoDr. O.N. RameshIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
Fundamentals of CombustionWebDr. D.P. MishraIIT KanpurSyllabus only
Gas DynamicsVideoDr. T.M. MuruganandamIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Guidance of MissilesWebProf. Debasish GhoseIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
High Speed Aero DynamicsWebDr. K.P. SinhamahapatraIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
High Speed Aero DynamicsVideoProf. A.K. GhoshIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Hypersonic AerodynamicsWebDr. Vinayak Kulkarni
Dr. N. Sahoo
IIT GuwahatiSyllabus only
Introduction to Air-breathing PropulsionWebDr. A. KushariIIT KanpurSyllabus only
Introduction to CFDVideoProf. M. RamakrishnaIIT MadrasSyllabus only
Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics and DynamicsVideoProf. A.R. Manjunath
Prof. C. Venkatesan
IIT Kanpur
Syllabus only
Jet Aircraft PropulsionVideoProf. A M Pradeep
Prof. Bhaskar Roy
IIT BombaySyllabus only
Jet and Rocket PropulsionVideoDr. A. KushariIIT KanpurSyllabus only
Jet and Rocket PropulsionVideoDr. T.V. RaoIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Jet and Rocket PropulsionWebDr. T.V. RaoIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Launch Vehicles and Spacecraft PropulsionWebProf. B.N. RaghunandanIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
Low Speed AerodynamicsVideoProf. Navtej SinghIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Low Speed AerodynamicsWebProf. Navtej SinghIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Navigation, Guidance, And ControlWebProf. Debasish GhoseIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
Optimal Guidance, Control and Estimation of Aerospace vehiclesVideoDr. Radhakant PadhiIISc BangaloreSyllabus only
Principles of Fluid DynamicsWebDr. Vinayak Kulkarni
Dr. N. Sahoo
IIT GuwahatiSyllabus only
Space Flight MechanicsWebDr. Manoranjan SinhaIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Space Flight MechanicsVideoDr. Manoranjan SinhaIIT KharagpurSyllabus only
Space TechnologyWebDr. Amit Kumar
Dr. Nandan Kumar Sinha
IIT MadrasSyllabus only
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsVideoProf. Bhaskar Roy
Prof. A M Pradeep
IIT BombaySyllabus only
Aerodynamics II (High Speed Flow)VideoDr. B. EshpuniyaniIIT KanpurUnder development
Aircraft Performance, Stability and control with experiments in FlightVideoMr. V. Mathur
Mr. A. Misra
Dr. A.K. Ghosh
IIT KanpurUnder development
Aircraft StructuresWebProf. P. SriramIIT MadrasUnder development
Flight vehicle System IdentificationWebDr. A.K. GhoshIIT KanpurUnder development
Gas DynamicsWebDr. G. JagadeeshIISc BangaloreUnder development
Instability and Transition of Fluid FlowsVideoProf. Tapan K. SenguptaIIT KanpurUnder development
Introduction to PropulsionVideoDr. D.P. MishraIIT KanpurUnder development
Mathematics for Post-Graduate Students in Aerospace EngineeringVideoDr. B. EshpuniyaniIIT KanpurUnder development


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